For the First Time, The State Administration Study Program Passed the Team in the 33rd Pimnas

Makassar State University (UNM) successfully passed as many as 11 Student Creativity Program Teams (PKM) in the 33rd National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) online at Gadjah Mada University, on November 24-29, 2020. 11 teams come from 4 teams of the Faculty of Language and Literature, 2 teams of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, 2 teams of the Faculty of Engineering, 2 teams of the Faculty of MIPA and 1 team of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Based on the evaluation and assessment that has been carried out, Makassar State University (UNM) managed to pass 11 teams and enter the top 15 of the 101 Higher Educations that passed to participate in the 33rd National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) in 2020.

Chairman of the Institute of Research and Community Service (LP2M) Makassar State University, Prof. Bakhrani Rauf said this achievement is a proud achievement inscribed by UNM students, thanks to the direction and encouragement of the Rector Prof. Dr.. Husain Sham, and the lecturers of the Guide.

He hopes that at the implementation of Pimnas later held on November 24 to 29, 2020, UNM can win medals.

Of the 11 teams that passed PIMNAS, the State Administrative Studies Program of the Faculty of Social Sciences finally managed to pass 1 PKM team for the first time in participation in the 33rd National Student Scientific Week. The team, often called THE PAKDES TEAM, is chaired by Aprilia Hapsari from the State Administration Study Program, Nandasari from the State Administration Science Study Program, who collaborated with Muh. Haidir from informatics and computer engineering study program with the title PKM in the field of Karsa Cipta "PAKDES: Application of Online-Based Creative Village Fund Report".

The design of the PAKDES Application began from the anxiety felt by Aprilia Hapsari, which is the problem of village fund management which has always been a polemic in the community. One of them is like many villages that do not collect accountability reports of their village funds on the grounds of long distances, bad weather, and limited labor. Another problem that is no less worrying is that many village heads must be entangled in prison laws. Why? The reason is because they do not know how to manage village funds well and on target. Therefore, the PAKDES Application appears as a solution to deal with the problem.

The uniqueness is that this PAKDES Application is a Karsa Cipta PKM that has always been identical to the Faculty of Engineering, but this team managed to prove that the Faculty of Social Sciences can also be a representative in developing a technological innovation with the scientific collaboration of two Study Programs, namely the State Administrative Science Study Program and informatics and computer engineering study program.

However, the validity of THE PAKDES TEAM during the implementation of PKM, namely the application produced only in the form of Prototype due to unfavorable conditions, which requires them to do all product work online. Although limited by conditions, the PAKDES TEAM remains optimistic and believes that this application will be a very useful innovation if developed to villages in Indonesia.

"Actually our team did not expect to be able to get to the point now because this is our first experience in PKM. But, thank God thanks to the efforts and hard work of the team, as well as the support of our accompanying lecturers, we were finally able to become one of the representatives of Makassar State University to provide the best and compete with other campuses throughout Indonesia. Our main hope, hopefully after the implementation of PIMNAS, our Application Prototype can be truly realized into pakdes application and applied in all villages in Indonesia which will also be one of our contributions to the beloved country," said Aprilia Hapsari.

Dr.. Novayanti Sopia Rukmana S. S.Sos., M.Si. expressed his very proud and grateful of course because this was his first experience accompanying the PKM team and alhamdulillah could qualify until PIMNAS. "This is also a challenge for me personally, hopefully in the future we can pass more teams to Pimnas. Can escape this pimnas also thanks to good teamwork. The spirit and hard work of the team is Aprilia Hapsari, Nandasari and Muh. Menstruation should be appreciated. Hopefully this will be an example and motivation for other students, especially in the State Administration Study Program to be more eager to find creative and innovative ideas that deserve to be competed in the upcoming PIMNAS, "he said.