FT UNM Holds E-Learning Workshop on SYAM-OK Implementation

Faculty of Engineering (FT) Makassar State University (UNM) held an E-Learning Workshop. The event was officially opened by vice chancellor 1 academic field Prof. Hasnawi Haris, which took place at the Mercure hotel, Tuesday (11/24/2020)

The event carries the theme 'Implementation of System and Application Management Open Knowledge (SYAM-OK)' in an effort to improve the quality of the learning process.

Dean of ft, prof. Muh. Yahya said this activity is the third time in improving the quality process of the learning process.

In his instructions Prof. Hasnawi revealed that the presence of the SYAM-OK application system can be really utilized in the lecture process.

"We hope that friends can visit, of course this can provide good results in responding to online learning that becomes our inevitability today, we make sure that this application can be useful for all of us," he said.

Salain, the former Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, said that the presence of SYAM-OK, is not just UNM's response to online learning, but becomes a database and connected system.

"SYAM-OK was born to respond not only to online learning but this is one part, there are many later that will be connected, including its BKD, promotion, etc., Indeed in the future there can no longer be an application system that we make ourselves that is not connected to SYAM-OK, so that our data is one door," he explained.

Furthermore, he asserted that there are no applications in every faculty that are not connected to the SYAM-OK application, because in reporting in PDDikti only one official application system is acknowledged by PDDikti.

"When the data is related to PDDikti it must be idhenized with SYAM-OK, because the reporting of the data there is only one system that can be reported inkti as an official application of the University," he said.

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