Rector of UNM Encourages Young Lecturers to Come Up With Creative Ideas in Researching

Rector of Makassar State University (UNM) Prof. Husain Sham briefed the young lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering at the Pnbp Research Proposal Preparation Workshop, at the degree at Pinisi UNM, Wednesday (11/25/2020).

A total of 50 lecturers from the Faculty of Engineering UNM participated in the activity.

On that occasion, Prof. Husain said that young lecturers continue to come up with creative ideas in conducting research, so that from researching activities according to their respective fields into additional knowledge in supporting teaching activities.

"With all our ability to research in our respective fields, there is a development of science from it so that in teaching we have many references resulting from our research experience," he explained.

According to Prof. Husain policy steps of the leadership in collaboration with the provider one of the goals is that lecturers can access scientific information, making it easier to perform research and teaching tasks.

"We present a means to access scientific information, all scientific information is all there, we have prepared the device. It's my job to prepare that, for the lecturers to compete, we can access all.

Meanwhile, Dean of FT Prof. Muh. Yahya hopes that in this activity lecturers can share what research looks like, in addition, he hopes that from this activity there are research products produced.

"Understanding to participants with regard to research schemes. There must be prodak proposals that we produce, research and devotion. That's our hope," he hopes.