UNM Degree FGD Assessment of Lecturer Credit Figures

Makassar State University (UNM) held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD), FGD this time discussing the assessment of lecturer credit figures in the policy of independent learning-independent campuses within the scope of UNM.

The event was attended by vice-chancellors, Deans, and a number of other leaders within the scope of UNM, who were held in the UNM pinisi building. Thursday (11/26/2020).

In this activity, the rector of UNM Prof. Husain sham said that this activity is a process in equalizing perceptions of what regulations and policies look like in assessing credit numbers.

"This is part of the work measures that the examination of credit numbers is something that must be understood together, Unite the mind of one view, unite perceptions related to this policy, what kind of regulations exist," he said.

He also encouraged the leadership of the institution to formulate and implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), so that it becomes a reference in carrying out oganization work.

This is also intended to provide certainty of service to the community to a process that is carried out.

Whatever activities we do are always a topic of presence to provide services to friends.

"Whatever activity let us record, register for us to make SOP, in every activity we make regulations, make SOPs, so that it becomes our common rules, becomes a certainty in the process," he explained.