PKK FT UNM Student Fashion Show Usung Eco-Friendly Clothing

Students of Family Welfare Education (PKK) Faculty of Engineering (FT) Makassar State University (UNM) held a Semi Virtual Fashion Show PKK in 2020.

Designers or students majoring in PKK will display their fashion designs with the theme Sustainable: A Masterpiece of Fabric Exploration in the Ballroom of The Phinisi Tower Theater UNM Lt. 3, on Monday (12/21/2020).

A total of 76 fashions in this masterpiece began with the process of making motifs on fabrics with five categories namely Screen Printing, Batik, Patchwork, Ecoprint and Tie dye.

Chairman of the Committee, Andi Nurliana, said that the selection and determination of concepts at this fashion show is a challenge because of the Covid-19 pandemic that requires every activity to comply with health protocols.

In addition, the PKK FT UNM 2020 Fashion Show is different from the fashion at the PKK Fashion Show the previous year, where the making of this fashion masterpiece begins with the manufacture of fabrics or the manufacture of motifs on fabrics with 5 sub-themes of fashion making at the fashion show, namely as an environmental preservation effort.

"So that the committee and supported from several parties determine this fashion show is held semi-virtually or Blanded. The positive impact of fashion design and making on the fashion show is an environmental preservation effort by showing the beauty of clothing made with natural dyes and patchwork," he said.

Meanwhile, Dean of FT UNM, Prof. Yahya said this event can be a proving ground for students and hopes to be a motivation for other students to continue to be creative.

"This activity is a proof for us to actualize ourselves and provide the work that the community needs. With this Kta must continue to make breakthroughs."

Rector of UNM, Prof. Husain Sham in his speech said this activity became an embodiment for students between theoretical and practical establishments, which became a marker that PKK students were ready competently to show work in the community.

"It's a theorotic embodiment combined with practice and to the point of being demonstrated. This means that our children are competently prepared. Show real works in the community, "he explained.

He also encouraged that in the future PKK FT UNM made an event that is not only within the scope of UNM but also a national fashion show event so that it can be witnessed by all people in Indonesia.

"Create an event in South Sulawesi, in Indonesia, I think we can but not in the framework of a study program, present all activists, designers, so that we can show our creativity, the work of our students," he hoped.