UNM Holds General Lecture on The Transformation of Insinsinsity in Indonesia

Makassar State University (UNM) held a public lecture entitled Transformation of Insinsinyuran in Indonesia by presenting the Chairman of the Indonesian Engineers Association (PII), Heru Dewanto coupled with the signing of PII and UNM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on the establishment of PSPPI in UNM, which was carried out online and offline, as well as the signing centered on the PINISI UNM building. Tuesday (12/22/2020)

"The Indonesian Engineers Union Mendatanganani MoU and MoA with UNM, in essence this cooperation agreement is the establishment of an isinyur profession study program. We are committed with UNM to make this UNM as the first time, a pioneer in the implementation of PSPPI in accordance with the regulations of the Directorate General of Education. So the first time later UNM we will establish psppi as a follow-up to the regulation of the director general of education, "he said.

Heru Dewanto said, there is a very large number of scholars of engineering every year there are 60,000 taknik scholars but that can be estimated only 40,000, so efforts are needed to reduce the selisi.

"So we have 42 universities that do PSPPI but the need is still lacking, if we talk about engineering scholars every year around 60,000 while that can be engineerd through the psppi program at most 4,000 a year, so we have a very large number of efforts to increase it in the regulations of the director general of higher education"

Welcoming this, the Rector of UNM, Prof. Husain Sham said UNM with all its potential and support will be ready to be the first pioneer in implementing PSPPI.

"I think UNM will take that role in accordance with the mandate of the UNM central PII with all the potential and all the carrying capacity that exists, will be a pioneer of the Regulation of the Directorate General of Education, we will prove it to the PII board and so that we present professional engineers to accelerate development," he said.

Husain Sham who is also the best son from Sulbar said he would immediately follow up on this, so UNM was the pioneer who first opened psppi.

"Immediately we carry out the support of the executive director that we prepare the proposal for us to convey to the director general of the ministry. Pioneers first opened PSPPI in accordance with the regulations of the Directorate General of Dikti" he explained.