UNM Wins in Public Relations Event dikti 2020

Makassar State University (UNM) won an award at the Ministry of Education and Culture Public Relations Award (AHD) in 2020 for Public Service Agency (PTN BLU) State Universities. UNM successfully won the second place in the magazine category announced directly by the Director General of Higher Education (Director General of Higher Education) kemendikbud, Prof. Nizam online, Wednesday (12/23/2020).

Director General of Kemendikbud, Prof. Ir. Nizam said the awards are a regular annual event. "We thank all the universities that have participated in AHD in 2020," explained Prof. Nizam in his speech.

Vice Rector for Planning and Cooperation of UNM, Ir. Ichsan Ali said he was proud of the achievements achieved by UNM at the Higher Education Public Relations Award in 2020.
"I am very proud of the performance of UNM Public Relations for its achievements as the 2nd champion for the Magazine category at this high-level public relations award event," he said.

He added that he will always provide support to UNM public relations to be the best.

"We thank you for the support and prayers from all parties both from public relations colleagues throughout PTN and media colleagues for the cooperation that has been established so far," he added.

In line with that, the Rector of UNM, Prof. Husain Sham also appreciated the achievements of UNM's public relations at the Public Relations Award in 2020.

He hopes the public relations team can also participate in competitions in other categories at the next event.

"Alhamdulillah as a newcomer to PTN BLU, UNM is able to compete with other PTN BLU, Hopefully in the future it can increase and can win the first place not only in the magazine category but also in other categories," he hoped.