UNM Cares about Disasters, UNM Rector Towards Sulbar Distributes Logistics Assistance

Makassar State University (UNM) again showed its concern by distributing a number of logistical assistance to earthquake victims of West Sulawesi Province. in the court of Pinisi TOWER UNM, Tuesday (19/1/2021)

A number of logistical assistance that is ready to be delivered in the form of tarpaulins, children's milk, rice, baby diapers, water, blankets, indomie, sarongs, and prayer equipment. Come the leaders, faculty, institutional units within the scope of UNM, and KAHMI.

On the occasion, Prof. Husain Sham revealed, the delivery of this assistance is a step by UNM to take part in always present in humanitarian work.

"This is a humanitarian call, there is a call for all of us to attend, all the leaders at UNM, I never said let's say let our Deans donate, but this is automatically collected, has built a culture at UNM without being invited them to be part of humanitarian work," he said.

The handover of aid was symbolically handed over prof. Husain Sham to the UNM team concerned about the disaster. And the plan is tonight, Prof. Husain and the UNM team care about going directly to Sulbar to distribute logistical assistance to earthquake victims.

"God willing tonight we will leave, I will lead directly, 5 to 6 buses will depart send logistics and I will lead directly, as a form of our concern for our brothers in Sulbar," he explained.

He also ensured that all teams heading to Sulbar were free from Covid-19.

Prof. Husain, who is also one of the best sons from Sulbar, plans to provide trauma healing services to earthquake victims so as to get emotional stabilization through the Faculty of Psychology UNM.

"We also prepare a cyclical co-consulting team, trauma healing, eliminating negative things and stabilizing people's emotions," he said.

Previously, UNM provided assistance for UNM students both S1, S2 and S3 victims of natural disasters in the form of single tuition exemption (UKT) even semester 2020/2021.