Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021 Elected

The Grand Deliberation (Mubes) XII LPM Reasoning UNM which has been carried out online since Thursday (14/01), set a candidate from the Faculty of Education (FIP) UNM, Namely Nopri Hidayat as Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021.

Previously, there were three candidates competing in the positioning, namely Ardianto (FMIPA), Nopri Hidayat (FIP) and Ruslang Sainuddin (FT). After going through the stage of deliberation and lobbying by the candidates for general chairman, the three candidates unanimously decided on the representative of the origin of this FIP as Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021.

Nopri Hidayat expressed his gratitude for being entrusted to be the chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021.

"I thank you as much as possible to all elements of LPM Reasoning UNM who have entrusted me to hold the mandate to become Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM, in the future I ask for help and also his prayer to be able to lead LPM Reasoning UNM, and reprimand me when I make a mistake," he said.

The Elected Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021 in his speech also added,

"Hopefully the prayers and those given can make me bring a more progressive LPM reasoning UNM, in accordance with the expectations of all ELEMENTS OF LPM Reasoning UNM".

The large deliberations (Mubes) that lasted for 9 days was the longest Mubes activity ever conducted by LPM Reasoning UNM. The agenda discussed in Mubes XII is the Accountability Report of the Daily Board of The Period 2019/2020, the Discussion of Institutional Guidelines including the Articles of Association and Household Budget (AD / ART), the Outline of The Direction of institutions (GBHL), Implementation Directives (Juklak), and Recommendations, and the Election of the Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021.

Furthermore, the session of submission of the results of the Great Deliberation XII LPM Reasoning UNM and ended with the agenda of closing mubes XII activities.

Mubes XII's trial was closed by Agus Kurniadi's brother, S.Pd. as alumni representative of LPM Reasoning UNM. With the end of the Agenda of Closing the Session, it also ended the entire series of activities of the Xii LPM Reasoning UNM Grand Conference.