WR 3 Attends The Opening of Racana XLII Gudep Deliberation of Makassar City 08.095 – 08.096

Ranggong Dg Front Group. Romo and Opu Dg. Risadju held the opening of the Racana XLII SME Scout UNM Conference entitled: Synergy Towards a Superior Racana, at Baruga Benteng Somba Opu, Gowa Regency, on Friday, 01/22/2021.

The opening event was attended by Kak Sukardi Weda, who is also Vice Rector for Student Affairs and UNM Alumni, Kak Prof. Dr. Kasmawati, who is also chairman of Gudep PUTRI Opu Dg. RISAJU
Kak Nurhayati, who is also an expert source, Kak Dr. Irfan, who is also the Trustee of Racana Putra Ranggong Dg.Romo, Kak Akmal, who is also a member of the National Working Council of the Scout Movement Kwarnas,
Chairman of SME Pramuka UNM, Kadri and Sinar, Chairman of UKM PMI UNM, Chairman of UKM SENI UNM, and participants who participated in activities offline and online.

Prof. Dr. Kasnawati Salam emphasized that one of the goals of this scouting is to build and build the community. The same thing was also conveyed by Kak Sukardi Veda in his speech that in scouting, we must increase our self-piety and social piety. Not only be pious, but also must be muslih, which is to do good for those around us, he said.

In the opening ceremony of the Racana Deliberation, there was also an Annual Star award. Awarding the annual star as a tribute to the devotion of the board in the front group for one year. The annual star is given to Gudep Ranggong Dg. Father as many as 9 people and Opu Dg. Risadju as many as 13 people.