300 Students Affected by UKT Free Sulbar Earthquake at UNM

Makassar State University has inventoryed students affected by the earthquake in Mamuju and Majene, West Sulawesi. The number reaches 300 people from a number of faculties at UNM.

From the existing data, as many as 278 undergraduate students, 14 four diploma programs, 3 master programs, three diploma programs one, and one doctoral program.

Students who are victims of the Sulbar earthquake are asked to report to their respective faculties to get a single tuition fee free facility (UKT) this semester. According to Karta, this number is still possible to increase along with the reporting done by students from Sulbar.

Previously the Rector of UNM, Prof. Dr. Husain Sham confirmed that his party would provide UKT-free facilities for students from Majene and Mamuju who were victims or affected by the earthquake that occurred two weeks ago. This UKT free facility is a testament to UNM's humanitarian commitment and concern for the victims of the Sulbar earthquake.

"The hope is that ukt free assistance can ease the burden of suffering from students from Majene and Mamuju who are victims or affected by the earthquake," said Prof. Husain Sham.

In addition to UKT-free facilities, the Rector of UNM also went down directly to hand over donations to earthquake victims in two districts in West Sulawesi. In addition to material assistance, UNM also deployed a trauma healing team from the Faculty of Psychology to deal with the trauma of earthquake victims, especially children who are still in refugee camps.