FT UNM Automotive Education Student Sabet 1st Place in Honda Sport DYNO Competition

Astra Motor South Sulawesi, Main Dealer Honda Motorcycle SulSelBarTra and Ambon Region, located on Jalan Sultan Alauddin no. 57 Makassar, just held the Honda Sport Dyno Competition 2021. The event presents 3 standard open: Class 3 Sport 150cc (GTR and Sonic 150), Class 2 Sport 150cc (CB and 150R), and Class 1 Sport 250cc (CBR 250RR).

The 1st place for the 150cc Class 3 Sport was won by Andi M. Raynendra Arif, who is also an 8th semester student in the Department of Automotive Education, Faculty of Engineering, Makassar State University (UNM). The first race was held by a number of participants who love motorcycles and the motorcycle community.

After winning the race, Rena, nickname A. M Raynendra Arif said he was happy to enter this race. Exciting because there are regulations given to participants so that motorcycle engines should not be replaced other than using the original part, he said. This makes us as mechanics think what things to do to improve engine performance, he added.
For the achievements achieved by students who are also his sons in the Honda Sport Dyno Competition, Vice Rector for Student Affairs and UNM Alumni, Prof. Dr. Sukardi Weda, welcomed the achievement.

Sukardi Veda always provides support to students to improve and hone students' interests and talents. Sukardi Veda is also proud of all the achievements carved by UNM students.
Rena, a 2017 student, who is now in the process of mentoring final assignments, thesis is also actively involved in the workshop of electric cars and energy-efficient cars in the Department of Automotive FT UNM, with lecturers and friends.