Creative Preneur For Millennial Era: IKBIM UNM Will Hold Entrepreneurship Talkshow

Creative Preneur For Millennial Era: IKBIM UNM Holds Entrepreneurship Talkshow

Bidikmisi Student Family Association (IKBIM) Makassar State University (UNM) is back again with an Entrepreneurship Talkshow event. This activity is themed "Creative Preneur For Millennial Era". It will be held on March 13, 2021 while adhering to health protocols during this pandemic.

This activity aims to improve the entrepreneurial spirit of Bidikmisi and KIP College students with an outstanding theme expecting outstanding output from Entrepreneurship Talkshow activities. Provide an overview and motivation for the role of today's young generation. To be aware will bring change with creative behavior as well as ideas that innovate.

With the goals and outputs that Entrepreneurship Talkshow activities want to achieve, it is also Mr. Muhammad Ramli Rahim is the chairman of the Digital School Network DNA Of The Association of Teachers (IGI) period 2016-2021 he as the first speaker. The second speaker presented by Mrs. Rahmatia Nuhung he was the chairman of the Training and Empowerment Division as well as Trainer and Consultant at the Makassar Preneur Business Development Institute in South Sulawesi.

Not only attended by Bidikmisi and KIP Students but also Students of Makassar State University.

Isa Maharani as The Chairman of the Committee on this Entrepreneurship Talkshow activity hopes that this activity can provide encouragement to makassar State University students, especially Bidikmisi and KIP College students for entrepreneurship.

"With the holding of this Entrepreneurship Talkshow, I hope to students, especially for Bidikmisi and KIP students studying Makassar State University so that they are able to create or have a willingness in entrepreneurship". He said

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