KKN Post-Disaster Scheme, Unm's Form of Concern

Rector of Makassar State University (UNM) Prof. Husain Sham officially released the Real Work College Students (KKN) even semester of the 2020/2021 school year. The release was done virtually, Tuesday , (03/16/2021).

The implementation of KKN in the covid-19 pandemic, making the implementation of KKN different from before. UNM makes a policy of KKN domicile where KKN participants, carry out KKN activities in their respective mukim places with the facilities they must do.

Head of KKN Arifin Manggau Center said, as many as 1052, which is divided into KKN Regular domicile as many as 533 people, KKN Integrated domicile as many as 410 people, KKN Thematic Merdeka Belajar as many as 18 rrang, KKN Profesi as many as 48 people, and KKN Campus as many as 43 people spread in several provinces in Indonesia.

"The KKN students, spread across 28 city districts. Sulsel Province consists of 21 city districts, Sulbar province 2 city districts, and other provinces, there are 5 provinces namely Jakarta, Southeast Sulawesi, East Nusa Tenggara, Gorontalo, and Papua. And guided by field guidance lecturers as many as 32 lecturers, "he said.

He also said, in addition to KKN domicile which began a year ago in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, this time also UNM presented several types of KKN models including KKN Post-disaster, as a form of UNM seriousness in solving community problems.

"The KKN-PM UNM Center has also designed several types of KKN that certainly depart from the minds of the rector, including KKN Post disaster, as a form of unm seriousness in solving community problems," he added.

Meanwhile, in his direction the Rector of UNM explained that UNM was the first initiator of KKN domicile which was applied at various campuses in Indonesia as an answer to keep the academic process going.

In this KKN also UNM presents several KKN schemes including KKN Post disaster, as a form of seriousness UNM is present in the community, where later will focus on trauma healing programs and help the Sulbara government in restoring learning situations for schools and their students.

"In various KKn schemes we present, there is KKN in campus, KKN Post disaster where our students, especially pisikology students provide heling trauma, to excite and re-enliven the community after the disaster. Another program that can be done after a disaster is to restore the learning situation, provide emotional understanding," he explained.

He also advised that students are able to synergize with all components of society in their respective KKN locations, by presenting as an academic community, intellectual community, which is able to adjust to the customs in their respective placements.

"I really hope that as far as I understand KKN UNM students always bring hope in the community, we are present to synergize, therefore, we are present in the frame of the academic community, intellectual community, We play our role, In the location of KKN there is a custom we are present to adjust the customs in the KKN location." Hopefully.

On that occasion, there was kadisdik of Sulsel Province Prof. Muhammad Jufri and Kadisdik Sulbar Province Prof. Gufran Darma Dirawan gave a briefing to KKN UNM students.

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