Ptp FT UNM Lecturer Team's Accurate Solution to Address Food Scarcity Through Zero Waste Agriculture System

Team of Lecturers in Agricultural Technology Education (PTP) Faculty of Engineering (FT) Makassar State University (UNM) fronted by Dr. Andi Rahmah along with two colleagues, Andi Muhammad Akram Mukhlis and Andi Alamsyah Rivai introduced a sustainable agricultural system, Zero Waste Agriculture.

Dr.. Nur Rahmah explained that Zero Waste Agriculture is the concept of resource processing to produce basic human needs while maintaining and improving the quality of the environment and improving it.

"This system was born because we want to educate the community that agricultural and livestock waste can be integrated so that it is useful in terms of economy and environment," he explained, (04/14/2021).

Jebolan Doctor Unhas added the principle of Zero Waste Agriculture that agricultural cultivation waste will become animal feed, then livestock manure will be used as organic fertilizer manufacturing materials. "So integrated, existing resources so useful all," he added.

He hopes that with the presence of this system can be a solution in the management of environmentally friendly agricultural waste so that sustainable food self-sufficiency can be realized.

Even last year in September, Dr. Nur Rahmah and his team directly applied this system through the Community Partnership Program (PKM) in Samangki Village, Kecematan Simbang, Maros Regency.

"Our goal is the farming group there, and the results are satisfactory," he said.