UNM Arts SME Opens Training and Recruitment Episode 26

The Art Student Activity Unit of Makassar State University (UKM Seni UNM) is a student institution within the scope of Makassar State University engaged in arts and culture. UKM Seni UNM is one of the pockets of art culture, especially culture in South Sulawesi and also a forum for Makassar State University Students who want to develop interests and talents in cultural and conservation.

In SME Arts we can train interests and talents in the field of arts, and organization. UKM Seni UNM also has 5 art stalks, namely Dance Arts Stalks, Musical Art Stalks, Literary Arts Stalks, Fine Arts and Media Stalks, and Theater Arts Stalks. Not only that, you will get a lot of knowledge, and many relationships ranging from various departments at Makassar State University, between campuses, and even relationships from outside the region, and there is much more you can get if you join us. Very interesting, isn't it?
So, Wait moreover ayoo buruan register yourself, join us and develop your interests and talents in UKM Seni UNM.

How the hell is the way and the registration process? We make
it easy for friends to register loh, for registration can be online and also offline. For friends who want to register themselves online can be on google form with this link http://bit.ly/PendaftaranPSP26 or can also by scanning the barcode listed on the pamphlet, for offline registration you can come directly to the Gunung sari PKM Building, also all can meet directly with us.

Well noted the dates and series of activities:

  1. Registration (March 30 – April 14, 2021) Extended to (April 18, 2021)
  2. Return of last form on (April 18, 2021)
  3. Technical Meeting (April 19, 2021)
  4. Talent interest tests and interviews (27 – 28 April 2021 special test interview participants and the process of collecting video talent interest tests from 17 – 26 April 2021)
  5. Opening Ceremony (June 12, 2021)
  6. Indoor (19 – 20 June 2021)
  7. Outdoor (1 – 4 July 2021)

For more information please contact the committee:

  1. Husna (082259764995)
  2. Titin (082351606620)
  3. Nita (082345138080)

So that you do not miss the info, pantengin continues to instagram UKM Seni UNM yaa in @Ukmseniunm, Be Be, Be!!! .

Watch our video on https://youtu.be/qkpSbkD7UnE