Scientific Week (PENA IKBIM) held in 2021

Bidikmisi Student Family Association or commonly called IKBIM Makassar State University this year held a Scientific Week or PENA IKBIM which is devoted to Bidikmisi children and KIP Lectures nationally.

The theme is Contribution and Innovation in Realizing Sustainable Development in the New Normal Era. This activity will be carried out offline while adhering to health protocols. PENA IKBIM will be held on May 28-30, 2021.

PENA IKBIM UNM has several series of events starting from the delivery of works to curation and peak activities. This activity lasts for three days with various places adapted to the series of events. The opening and seminar was held at THE FIP UNM Convetion Hall, a presentation at unm Arabic Language Education Building.

The purpose of this Scientific Week is to improve the competitive spirit of Bidikmisi and KIP College students and develop the creativity of Bidikmisi and KIP College students especially in the academic field of science. The great hope for this activity is also confirmed that IKBIM UNM seeks to realize an activity that is able to accommodate the thoughts of Bidikmisi and KIP College students not only from UNM but all Bidikmisi and KIP College students in higher education in Indonesia.

"Hopefully with this activity can increase the knowledge and experience of Bidikmisi and KIP Students from all universities in Indonesia, especially scientific papers and essays," said Muh. Arham as chairman of this activity committee.

Family friendship between Bidikmisi and KIP College students is also intertwined which is one of the purposes of this activity.