Chairman of Professional Certification Board (LSP – UNM) Silaturahim to WR 3 UNM

Prof. Dr. Sukardi Weda, who is also Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni received the silaturahim Chairman of LSP – UNM, Dr Ir Hasanah M T accompanied by team members, Nur Idayanti S Pd MPd and Elfira Makmur S Pd M Pd on Tuesday, 25/5/2021.

The purpose of the silaturahim visit was to convey the work program of LSP UNM, as one of the professional certificate institutions in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi. LSP – UNM serves students and the public who want to have a professional certificate. Students also need to have a professional certificate so it is easy for them to get a job in an industry or company, said Dr Ir Hasanah M T.

The schemes tested are: 1. Information and communication technology, 2. Automotive engineering, 3. Tata boga, 4. Dress, 5. Agricultural processing technology, 6. Electrical engineering, 7. Sopil Technique, 8. Eclectic techniques, and 9. Mechanical Engineering.

Prof. Dr. Sukardi Weda welcomed the existence of LSP – UNM, which has been formed since 2018, and promised to synergize with LSP – UNM in order to socialize the programs and schemes tested, both to students who need professional certificates as well as diploma companion and to the community that requires professional certificates. Prof Sukardi Weda also suggested adding other schemes, such as teacher certification Indonesian for Foreign Speakers (BIPA), broadcasting certification, journalism, and others.