Rector of Lantik 13 SMEs Se-UNM

Makassar State University (UNM) held a simultaneous inauguration to 13 administrators of Student Activity Units (SMEs) for the period 2021, attended by all UNM leaders and student representatives in the ballroom of the second floor of UNM Pinisi Tower, Thursday (22/7/2021).

The event began with paduppa dance offerings from UKM Seni, singing the song Indonesia Raya, as well as consecutive readings of 12 DECREES (SK) of SMEs.

Vice Rector III for Student Affairs, Sukardi Weda in his speech, encouraged that the management of student institutions could show achievements so as to bring the good name of UNM.

"We increasingly want to synergize and by maximizing coaching with students, of course together to bring the good name of UNM," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Rector of UNM, Prof. Husain Sham, in his direction conveyed that, this inauguration became the momentum of institutional spirit in providing the best for students and UNM.

"After the momentum of this inauguration in the next year you really give your best," he said.

According to him, SMEs have an important role in the advancement of student talent interest and institutional progress so that he encourages that during future management can really maintain the image of the institution and can present various achievements at the national level.

"SMEs have a contribution to the University, in some of our activities, SMEs at UNM must maintain the image of the institution, and the development of student talent interests, we must be able to collaborate so that we can bring the good name of UNM," explained Prof. Husain.

The inauguration of 13 SMEs, namely, SME Student Regiment (Menwa) SAT 702, UKM Pramuka, UKM LPM Reasoning, SME Arts, UKM Olahraga, UKM Maphan, UKM KSR PMI Unit 101, UKM Student Choir Pinisi Choir, UKM Student Cooperative, UKM SAR, UKM LKIMB, UKM Sintalaras and UKM Profesi.