SME MAPHAN UNM Holds Maphan Peduli Social Service 2021

Student Activity Unit caring for HIV / AIDS and NAPZA Makassar State University (UKM MAPHAN UNM) title Maphan Peduli 2021 by holding a social service located in Takalar on July 29-August 05, 2021.

With the theme "Small Steps to Build a Country Free of Drug Abuse and HIV/AIDS Transmission", UNM MAPHAN UKM held a Social Service coupled with activities such as counseling in junior high and high school in Takalar Regency which was held on July 30-August 3, 2021, several competition items such as poster competitions (for high school level) and copyright competitions & read poetry (for junior high level) related to HIV / AIDS & NAPZA, caring classes, social projects, Clean action.

Maphan Peduli 2021 was also in a series with seminars with speakers who are experts in the field of prevention of drug abuse and HIV / AIDS transmission, held on August 4, 2021.

Chairman of the social service committee, Muhammad Reinaldi Mustari, said that this activity is a form of Tri dharma college or community service carried out by the academic community of Makassar State University
He hopes that this activity also has a positive impact on the people of Takalar regency especially in deciding the spread of drugs and the transmission of HIV / AIDS of course as it is known actually this NAPZA has been very difficult to control its spread but what can be done is education and socialization that is not continuous because that is what is expected to minimize or prevent the spread of drug.
And I think MAPHAN is a very productive institution in its age now doing a lot of things related to education and socialization about drugs and HIV AIDS.

"Once again thank you for the presence and willingness of all to facilitate THE ACTIVITIES of SME MAPHAN hopefully this activity can have a positive impact and blessings on us", he concluded.