Rector of UNM Receives Visit of Presidential Spokesman M. Fadjroel Rachman

Presidential Spokesman M. Fadjroel Rachman made a visit to Makassar State University (UNM). Monday (08/30/2021)

The visit was officially accepted by the Rector of UNM Prof. Husain Sham, the vice-chancellors, deans and leaders of the institution.

Prof. Husayn Sham was happy with M's visit. Fadjroel Rachman who serves as Special Staff of the President for Communications to UNM.

At that point, Prof. Husain Sham said a number of UNM programs during the pandemic, including vaccination programs that have been implemented several times intended for lecturers, employees, students and the umun community, by collaborating with government agencies.

In addition, Prof. Husain also expressed his concern and dismay to the President's Spokesman, asking that the government pay more attention to the construction of the UNM building.

"Warm welcome from us, Let me convey this anxiety, Mr. President has announced the completion of the mangkrak building completed in 2023, in this UNM there are 3 mangkrak buildings, we have completed the admistration to be able to continue, hopefully this can be delivered so that it can be done," he said.

Meanwhile, M. Fadjroel Rachman said the visit was part of his position as the president's spokesman tasked with absorbing aspirations, addressing criticism and building dialogue to all components of the community group.

"My job now is to congratulate all stakeholders, including academics. Meeting absorbs aspirations, absorbs criticism as well, of course there is dialogue in it, to then provide analysis and recommendations to the President," he said.

He also conveyed a message from the President in the meeting, that Indonesia must prepare global quality standards, efforts towards Indonesia gold 2045.

But according to existing analysis that the covid-19 pandemic that spread around the world could accelerate Indonesia's gold in 2030, therefore the president encouraged that universities continue to prepare in creating global quality human resources.

"The main point that the President wants to convey, please be informed and find criticism and input related to human resource development priorities can be implemented, so that this demographic bonus we can go through by preparing global quality human resources that fill Indonesia's gold," he said.