PPs students are expected to become superior fighters. Here's the Academic Inspiration of the Rector of UNM

Rector of UNM, Prof.Dr. Ir. H. Husain Sham, M.TP., IPU., ASEAN Eng. In the speech welcoming new students of the Passcasarjana Program for the academic year 2021/2022 as well as conveying academic inspiration in front of about 1,398 people both online and offline on Monday, August 30, 2021.

Prof. Husain Sham inspires academics by encouraging students that studying at UNM PPs is very honorable because many PPs alumni, especially doctoral programs, will be great fighters in public spaces.

"Many alumni of doctoral programs after undergoing education at PPs UNM managed to become superior fighters, said Akbar Faisal, Aslam Patonangi, Markus Nari, Syamsul Rijal, and many others," said Professor of Agricultural Technology FT UNM.

The former Dean of FT UNM two periods explained that the lecture process at PPs UNM must run in two patterns, namely online and offline. With this pattern, says Prof. Husain Sham, allows the opening of student admissions more flexible.

We also continuously, continued the Rector of UNM, accepting doctoral program students research track (research). For officials or practitioners who have practiced the theory no longer need to be lectured. Students through research only submit ideas, proposals, and research. The results of the research will be presented in a scientific forum.

Therefore, there is open space for public officials to pursue doctoral education without lectures. PPs UNM runs this program based on the results of studies at various universities abroad so we urgently need this program. In addition, there are many public requests.

The Rector of UNM advised that the academic process in PPs should run smoothly. There should be no process that hinders the completion of the study. At the moment, prof. Husain Sham, success is not merely measured in terms of academics and intellectuals.

The rector of UNM two periods explained, UNM has achieved many achievements. UNM has been accredited superiorly. Lecturers achieve a lot of research schemes. UNM alumni are ranked 8th as alumni who graduated as Candidates for the State Civil Apparatus and the 1st best in Eastern Indonesia outside Java Island.

"I invite all students to be proud to be a part of UNM. Never regret it. The decision to choose UNM is the right decision. We guarantee you can be a fighter who wins the competition," said Prof. Husain Sham.

We are proud because IKIP / UNM alumni have been able to hold their heads high in various professions and occupations. Because we have been able to break UNM from an uncomfortable zone to comfortable so that UNM is increasingly seen by the public.

Prof. Husain Sham pinned the installation of alma mater suit pps unm to representatives of doctoral and master programs as a sign of student acceptance in PPs UNM academic year 2021/2022. In the embedding of alma mater clothes, the Rector was accompanied by the director and the deputy directors.

In welcoming the admission of new students PPs UNM academic year 2021/2022, attended by vice rectors, deans, chairmen of institutions, chairmen of S-2 and S-3 study programs in unm environment.