Bio-Degradable Masks Successfully Escaped as PKM Grant Recipients in 2021

Bio-degradable mask with microfilter of hyacinth cellulose (Eichornia crassipes) is one of the titles that successfully qualified as a grant recipient in the Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program (PKM) in 2021 organized by the Ministry of Technology and Technology.

Behind that, there are 4 students and 1 guidance lecturer who has designed and arranged in every activity. Alifiah Alfaniah Alfattah Putri as team leader and Mutia Salsabila Syaifuddin, Dina Amelia Ahmad and Ririn Febriani Val as team members. Alifiah, Mutia and Dina are from the ICP Chemistry Education program in 2018 and Ririn comes from the ICP Biology Education program in 2019.

While the guidance lecturer is Dr. Eng Sulfikar S.Si., M.T who is a lecturer in Chemistry FMIPA UNM.

The idea of making this mask was born from the massive phenomenon of the use of masks as one of the efforts to spread the covid-19 virus. This phenomenon then increases the quantity of masks that can pose a new threat to the environment. Because, the masks used by the public generally contain polymer materials that are not easily decomposed in nature.

To answer this problem, they took the initiative to make mask products that in addition to effective to minimize the spread of covid-19, this mask product can be an alternative in the application of health protocols so that it no longer becomes a serious threat to the environment.

Dr.. Eng Sulfikar S.Si, M.T as a guidance lecturer is very appreciative for successfully qualifying as a PKM grant recipient in 2021 and hopes that the products produced (masks) can be commercialized and patented.

Then Alifiah as the team leader said "I am very grateful because our team qualified as a recipient of the PKM grant in 2021. During the process of making the product there are no obstacles experienced and hopefully in the future there are also no obstacles. Hopefully the PKM that we do can provide benefits to the environment as soon as possible."