LP2M UNM Team together with K3TK Patalassang Subdistrict Conducts Best Practice Writing and Preparation Training for Kindergarten Teachers

Head of the service team of the Lp2M UNM Research and Community Service Institute Safiuddin Parenrengi explained that this devotion refers to the development of the teacher profession in the pandemic period, the improvement of teacher competence, especially in the writing of scientific work, is considered necessary in addition to being one of the indicators of teacher professionalism as well as motivation to teachers to publish writings that can be a reference to the solution of teacher problems in the classroom.

Writing training and preparing best practice is the teacher's activity in overcoming problems in his work environment so that the teacher's best practice work is a scientific work based on the teacher's activities in overcoming problems in the workplace.

This training was held at TK Mutmainnah Gowa Regency which was attended by 12 teachers who were members of the Working Group of the Head of Kindergarten (K3TK) Pattalassang District and the Patalassang District Kindergarten Teacher Association (IGTK).
The purpose of this activity is to train and introduce best practice as one of the activities of teachers in writing and composing scientific work.

The benefits of this best practice training activity are expected to provide teacher understanding related to systematic preparation of scientific work and convert activities that have been done by teachers who are considered the best problem solving to be written into scientific work, namely best practice, best practice becomes popular for teachers because of the ease in systematic preparation compared to classroom action research.

This activity can have an impact on increasing teacher participation in writing and compiling best practices in the scope of K3TK Working Group of The Head of Kindergarten and IGTK Association of Kindergarten Teachers patalassang District Gowa