UNM Reopens 2 New Study Programs

The number of Study Programs (Podi) at Makassar State University (UNM) has increased again, this year, this time, there are two new study programs opened.

This is stated in the issuance of the Decree (SK) of the Directorate General of Higher Education Research and Technology, Ministry of Education, Culture Research on the permit for the opening of a new Study Program (Prodi) at Makassar State University (UNM).

The two study programs are physiotherapy undergraduate programs contained in Number 358 / E / O / 2021.

And the second study program is the Biology Education Doctoral Program, which is contained in Decree No. 354 / E / O / 2021.

The addition of the two study programs is part of the commitment of the Rector of UNM Prof. Husain Sham in the quality and capacity of students in space to the nation's children to attend lectures.