Unm Rector Inaugurates Z-mart Nurul Ilmi Mosque, Baznas Collaboration and Mosque Manager

Rector of Makassar State University (UNM) Prof.Dr.Ir. Husain Sham, M.TP, IPU, ASEAN Eng inaugurated Z-Mart located at Nurul Ilmi Mosque, Wednesday (09/01/2021).

The presence of Z-Mart itself is present thanks to the collaboration between Baznas Kota Makassar and nurul ilmi unm mosque manager.

Prof. Husain Sham in his speech appreciated the manager of Nurul Ilmi mosque for the presence of this Z-mart.

He hopes that what he does can be given an almighty pleasure.

"Whatever is planned and worth the good of the University leadership will provide support. We want what the board does to be worth the good and the mosque," he explained.

In addition, Prof. Husain Sham in order to provide support to Z-mart invited campus leaders to buy sembako products.

Chairman of Baznas Kota Makassar Azhar Tamanggong said, the inauguration of Z-mart as a form of advancing the economy by preparing food for people in need.

Meanwhile, nurul ilmi mosque manager Prof. Asfa Rahman said with the inauguration of Z-mart as a form to prosper the mosque.

"We have a lot of support from various parties to be able to convert the mosque, one of which is by establishing a mosque business entity," he explained.