UNM Returns Vaccine Degrees for Students and the General Public

Makassar State University (UNM) again vaccinated Covid-19. This vaccination activity was carried out for three days in collaboration with the Hadji Kalla Foundation in the pinisi tower court, Wednesday to Friday (1-3/9/2021).

In this vaccination, it was carried out to 10,133 participants with details of undergraduate students 5846, graduate students 209, alumni 836, families of lecturers and employees 282, and the community around the UNM campus as many as 2,933.

Vice Rector for General Administration and Finance (WR II), Karta Jayadi said vaccination will continue to be carried out for the preparation of Face-to-Face Learning (PTM) Limited.

"It will be opened again because there are still vaccinations in collaboration with the Provincial Government of South Sulawesi 6000 vaccines," he said when contacted via WhatsApp, Tuesday (31/8).

He hopes to provide the best service for the enthusiasm of the community and the community following this vaccination.

"Hopefully in three days of vaccines, all those listed can be served."

Previously, UNM had twice carried out vaccinations targeting all employees and lecturers within the scope of UNM, and the design of the South Sulawesi Regional Police (South Sulawesi Police Chief) as many as 4841 participants.