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Closing plenary session of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021

Adaptivity of student institutions in carrying out various activities and work programs is a demand in the current covid pandemic. Activities that were once based on-site that is gathered in a place with a certain amount, must now be transformed into online-based activities that are in the network. Revitalization and Progressivity of Institutions in the […]

Rector of UNM Receives VISIT of PBSI SULSEL

Receive a Visit from PBSI Sulsel, the Rector of UNM Will Release SPP UNM Students Who Won Medals at PON PAPUA 2021 Raktor Makassar State University (UNM) Prof. Husain Sham received a visit from the board of the All Indonesia Badminton Association (PBSI) Sulsel in the Rector's Room, Pinisi Tower Building. Tuesday (09/14/2021) Pbsi Chairman […]

Opening of the PLENARY SESSION OF LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021

LPM Reasoning UNM as an institution active in the field of research and organization conducted plenary sessions online using zoom forum communication media (September 10-12, 2021). This Plenary Session is a half-term accountability hearing. This Plenary Session aims to discuss and evaluate the performance of the board during the half-management period. The theme of this […]

Hybrid Technology Team PKM-PI FT UNM Effective "Zero" Kan Electricity Cost Burden Shrimp Farm Farmers in Pangkep

Carrying the slogan "Mitra Sejahtera, We Are Champions" Student Creativity Program Team (PKM) Application of Science and Technology (PI) Faculty of Engineering Makassar State University successfully applied Hybrid Solar cell technology and wind turbine whose control system is based on Android. The five-member team includes Gusdin Shawal (Chairman) and Andi Ardilla, Muh. Arfan Amir, Muhammad […]

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