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Vice Rector IV UNM Ichsan Ali and 2 Lecturers of Waste Treatment So Masks

Three Lecturers of Makassar State University (UNM) continue to strive to create a generation of qualified young people. Therefore, the coaching of students and students continues to be encouraged.

UNM lecturers Ichsan Ali, Suarlin, and Amirullah conducted the construction of fabric processing into masks. Ichsan Ali currently also serves as Vice Rector IV of UNM.

This UNM Lecturer Team has held two coaching activities, namely the management of waste of patchwork into masks and desimination of cooperation fields down to Bone and Gowa.

For the management of waste patchwork that is transformed into a mask, the three fostered students of Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) FIP UNM with parents.

From the waste of stitches, they are taught to make it into a mask of economic value.

This workshop took place in early March 2020. Those who are already proficient can continue this creativity in their home area but still guided by the three UNM Lecturers.

The three UNM Lecturers continue to help this teacher-printing campus under the nahkoda Husain Sham in making various achievements. This is also what encourages them to hold a Desimination of Cooperation.

This activity is located in two areas, namely in Bone and Gowa. And it has taken place in July and August 2020.

This desimination comes to schools, teachers or students. Then explain about the potential of UNM and the possibility of cooperation between the two sides.

So, the best students of South Sulawesi can continue their education to UNM. Which currently has a pure science study program, in addition to educational science.

Likewise, the response from Muhammad Miftah Fauzan as Assistant Vice Rector IV as well as the Head of Education of DPD KNPI South Sulawesi said that this activity is very important and needs to be appreciated well.

"Such activities have been exemplified by Mr. Vice Rector IV, and hopefully in the future can be used as a good tauladan suri for the people of South Sulawesi," said Miftah Fauzan, Tuesday (8/12/2020). (tribunnews*)

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