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Rector of UNM Attends Accreditation Of A Psychology Study Program and Inauguration of Mushalla Tazkiyatun Nafs

Faculty of Psychology, Makassar State University (UNM) Held a Gratitude To Achieve Accreditation A Psychology Study Program, Faculty of Psychology UNM and Inauguration of Mushalla Taskiyatun Nafs Faculty of Psychology UNM.

Present at the event, the Rector of UNM, Prof. Dr. Ir H Husain Syam M TP IPU, the Vice Rectors, the Chairmen of institutions, deans, director of postgraduate programs, leaders, lecturers, employees, and students of the Faculty of Psychology UNM.

Dr. Muh Daud M Si, who is also Dean of the Faculty of Psychology of UNM, could not hide his gratitude and joy at the accreditation of A Long-awaited UNM Psychology Study Program. Dr. Muh Daud also in his report said that the musholla whose inscription will be signed by Prof. Dr. Ir H Husain Syam M TP IPU, was built on the contribution of parents of students and lecturers.

Prof. Dr. Ir H Husain Syam M TP IPU, who is also the Rector of UNM in his speech said that with the presence of this mushalla, shows that our campus has presented an Islamic campus. With the presence of this Tazkiyatun Nafs mushalla, it shows that the Faculty of Psychology has many spaces, so that some of the space is used as a mushalla and can be used as a place of worship by lecturers, employees, and students, and students can conduct studies in the mushalla that do not violate the rules in this country.

Prof. Dr. Ir Husain Syam M TP IPU also added that this is our shared pride because this faculty has accredited A, which has been dreamed of for 20 years. Anyone in this faculty, must provide maximum service, so that the study completion time is not too long, he said.

Sukardi Veda who also attended the event also expressed deep gratitude because the Faculty of Psychology UNM had obtained A accreditation from BAN PT and for the presence of Tazkiyatun Nafs mushalla which can be used as a place of worship, social activities, and Islamic studies.

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