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WR 3 UNM Attends The Submission of Hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship

Hadji Kalla Foundation submitted hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship to 27 students of Makassar State University (UNM) on Monday (18/01/2021), 24 of them for living expenses and UKT, and 3 of them for final assignment completion assistance. The scholarship submission was carried out online followed by Suharto, who is also the Program Manager for Education of The Hadji Kalla Foundation, Sukardi Weda, who is also the Vice Rector for Student Affairs and Alumni of UNM, M Syafei Karsali, and the recipients of the Hadji Kalla Scholarship.

In his speech, Suharto said that initially the Hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship was named The South Sulawesi Student Scholarship, which was given to students who had good achievements. Suharto added that in 2020, there were more than 3000 students who enrolled and received 230 people, 27 of whom were UNM students. In addition to scholarships, the Hadji Kalla Foundation also organizes trainings, Suharto said. Suharto also added that hadji Kalla Scholarship recipients must have a GPA of 3.0 and above, hadji kalla scholarship recipients are also expected to be actively involved in social activities, and no less important, students must have honesty value, for example, if they have received scholarships from other sources in order to convey, so that the scholarship can be given to others in need. Make this scholarship as the beginning of achievement, he said.

Sukardi Weda in his speech expressed his highest gratitude and appreciation to the Chairman and staff of the Hadji Kalla Foundation who have great concern and concern for the provision of education accessibility to the younger generation, who are constrained in terms of economy and have proud achievements, especially to UNM students. Sukardi Weda also appealed to students receiving Hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarships to study well, and be actively involved in social activities, especially community empowerment, education, and others. Alumni recipients of the Ford Foundation International Fellowship Program also appealed to students receiving Hadji Kalla Scholarships not to stop until S1 only, but they must continue until S2 and S3 as candidates to lead the future of this nation.

After the submission of the scholarship certificate to the recipient of the Hadji Kalla Scholarship, one of the recipients on behalf of Amelia Sari, was asked for his opinion on behalf of his friends regarding Beasiawa Hadji Kalla. Amelia Sari said that hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship has a very important meaning for us as scholarship recipients because it helps us in pursuing the dream to continue our education to a higher level. With this scholarship we can reduce the burden of parents in financing our tuition during this time, he said.

In addition, the Hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship is a scholarship that has saved me from the bitterness of ignorance. I remember at the time, the third semester, I intended to take college leave because parents couldn't afford SPP. But finally, God gave way through the help of hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship.

The most important thing I get is that this scholarship not only requires the recipients to be intellectually intelligent but also emotionally, and spiritually evidenced by the activities we have and will do.

My hope for the Hadji Kalla Foundation Scholarship is that hopefully this scholarship can advance the education of the nation's children, especially the young generation of South Sulawesi who are not financially able but have a high spirit in continuing their education.

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