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WR 3 UNM Opens National Seminar on Literacy of BEM MIPA UNM in 2021

BEM FMIPA UNM held a National Literacy Seminar, entitled "Digital Literacy in Era 5.0," which was held on Monday, 08/02/2021 at Mercure hotel, Jl. A. P. Pettarani Makassar. The seminar, which was held blended (offline and online) was attended by Sukardi Veda, who is also Vice Rector for Student Affairs and ALUMNI of UNM, Drs. Sukri A. Nyompa, S H M Si Ph.D, who is also the Vice Dean for Student Affairs of FMIPA UNM, and seminar participants numbered about 1007 people from various universities in Indonesia, and there were 691 participants from UNM.

Speakers at this National Seminar were, Ardiyansah Ahmad S S M Hum, Sherly Annavita Rahmi S Sos M SIPh, and moderator Muh. Rijal Djamal S S M Si CPT.

Chairman of BEM FMIPA UNM, Ari Baba Felani Annur, in his speech said the presence of this activity, basically because of the lack of literacy culture in Indonesia. According to him, students must improve their literacy skills.

Drs Sukri A Nyompa Ph D, in his speech gave appreciation for the implementation of this national seminar activity. We need to have literacy, insight and knowledge skills, and skills in dealing with problems in this era of industrial revolution 5.0, he said.

In his speech, Sukardi Veda said students as prospective leaders of this nation must learn well and earnestly. Sukardi Veda also added that now, we are in 3 eras, Industrial Revolution 4.0, Society 5.0, and Demographic Bonus.

Industrial Revolution 4.0 (Digitization), IR 5.0 (Cooperation between humans and machines), and the presence of artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence), such as machines and robots dominate everyday life. Society 5.0, which emphasizes the ability to solve problems (problem solving),
critical thinking (critical thinking), and creative and innovative (creativity / Innovation). Furthermore, we are also in the midst of demographic bonuses, which are the period where the productive age / working age 15 – 64, dominates the indonesian population, rather than the non-productive age, children and the elderly whose peak period is in 2030.
Sukardi Veda also said that success is determined by 85% of things related to communication skills, leadership, and intangible things.

What is learned, seen, heard, must be implemented in everyday life, in behavior and speaking in the frame of knowledge management (KM). Knowledge management and learning organization are also necessary for students as prospective leaders of this nation in the future. Be a student, he said. Sukardi also quoted Ir's wise words. Sukarno, the first President of the Republic of Indonesia, "Learning without Thinking is useless, and Thinking without Learning is very dangerous."

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