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UNM Cooperates with Pondok Pesantren Al Ikhlas Bone

Vice Rector 4 for Planning and Cooperation Dr. Ichsan Ali signed an MoU with Pondok Pesantren Al-Ikhlas Bone. The signing of the MoU became a series in launching and halaqah nuo foundation, Sunday (06/13/2021)

The cooperation is expected to be able to build collaboration in the improvement of religious young people with Nasaruddin Umar Office (NUO), with which Nasaruddin hopes to present a container that is able to develop Islam through Islamic surveys and research.

"We have to move the smallest amount of contribution to the country. Therefore NUO is present and engaged in the field of surveying and research," nasaruddin said in his speech at launching and halaqah nuo foundation, Sunday (13/6).

To face this present, said Nasaruddin, must dare to think otherwise. Especially because now the community has changed, especially in the field of da'wah.

"The NUO is actually nothing, not patronizing the fathers and mothers of all, but we are a small alternative that offers something big."

In line with that, Nou Executive Director, Hj Andi Majdah M Zain who was also appointed as nou's administrator also hopes that the figures present in nou launching can support NUO as a survey and research platform.

"Today there are the ranks of the South Sulawesi government, from Gowa there are also academics and female figures. We hope that the presence of these figures can help us in exploring the science through NUO. And God willing we are ready to work with the full support of all parties," he concluded.

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