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UNM Holds 60th Dies Natalis Sports Match

The opening of the sports match in the framework of the 60th Dies Natalis of Makassar State University (UNM) was officially opened. Packaged in the opening ceremony, the event took place at the Tennis Court graduate program (PPS) unm, Wednesday (07/14/2021).

The opening ceremony of the sport was attended by the Chairman of the senate, director and chairman of PPS UNM, vice-chancellors, darma perempuan UNM, deans, a number of academic community of UNM scope, as well as participants of sports matches.

Chairman of the Committee, Prof. Thamrin Tahir who also serves as Dean of the Faculty of Economics explained that the activity is one of a series of unm's 60th Dies Natalis celebration, because of the covid-19 pandemic we only compete in 3 sports contested in the event.

"There are 3 sports that are contested, namely tennis court, badminton, and dominoes," he explained.

Meanwhile, UNM Rector Prof. Husain Sham in his direction said at the event all elements are a form of loyalty and a sense of belonging to UNM.

"Although in the middle of covid we still want to have fun, therefore we reduce the branches that are contested. This exercise is also to strengthen our immunity but still adhere to prokes," he said.

Prof. Husain said in the framework of the celebration of Dies Natalis UNM this year it is very understanding that the Covid-19 pandemic hit Indonesia, especially in Makassar, so it must minimize every activity.

He also encouraged from the implementation of this activity can strengthen friendship and togetherness so that it can have an impact on strengthening in the work of institutions to advance UNM.

"This match we held solely because to establish our familiarity, friendship and togetherness, so that it can have an effect on our togetherness and loyalty to our development work to bring UNM even better," he hoped.

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