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UNM Students Succeed in Creating Internet of Things-Based Mosque Cleaning Robot Innovation

Smart Robot Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation as a Mosque Floor Cleaner Solution to Prevent Transmission of Corona Virus Disease 19 Based on The Internet of Things is one of the titles that successfully graduated as a grant recipient in the Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program (PKM) 2021 organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. The spread of coronavirus disease 19 can occur in the mosque environment so there needs to be a floor cleaner to keep the floor clean in the midst of a pandemic.

In the title of PKM-KC, there are 5 students and 1 lecturer. The five students from various disciplines are Adil Awal (Mechatronic Vocational Education), Masriani (Mechatronic Vocational Education), Fachrain Azis (Electronic Engineering Education), Putri (Mechatronic Vocational Education) and Ririn Febriani Val (ICP Biology Education) and Guidance lecturer, Mr. Muhammad Akil, S.Pd., M.T who is a Lecturer of the Faculty of Engineering UNM.

The robot is made approximately 1 month starting from the design stage, tool production, until the trial and analysis process. The robot's working mechanism begins by providing a sound as a warning to stay away from the sterilization area, then the robot will start working by moving in place and turning on the ultraviolet light according to the commands given through the BYLNK application. This robot is equipped with a microfiber cloth that is able to absorb dust and will then mop the floor. In addition, this robot is also equipped with temperature and humidity sensors to determine the maximum temperature in eradicating viruses and harmful microorganisms.

Adil Awal as the team leader said that, "Thank God thanks to the prayers and support from family, friends and also guidance lecturers who are endlessly giving direction so that today useful tools in the pandemic can be completed and hopefully in the future the team can provide the best for the beloved orange alma mater," he said.

Muhammad Akil, S.Pd., M.T as a guidance lecturer also greatly appreciates the success in creating mosque cleaning robot innovations and hopes that it can soon be applied or utilized in mosques around the makassar State University campus environment.

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