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Opening of IKBIM KIP UNM Working Meeting

The opening and implementation of the IKBIM KIP UNM Working Meeting took place at Rumah Art Gallery, Fort Somba Opu, Barombong District on September 8-9, 2021.

The event was officially opened by the Vice Dean of 3 Faculties of Engineering in this case represented by one of the Demisioner General Secretary of IKBIM KIP UNM, Mudarris, S.Pd. In his speech, he expressed hope to the daily manager to formulate an effective work program and adjust to the period of management. Considering that in this period, the term of office of the daily manager of IKBIM KIP UNM period 2021/2022 is only 9 months.

"My hope is that when friends carry out work programs later, hopefully all work programs have been made carefully so that it is in accordance with the objectives of the institution and the vision of the institution's mission because it is our foundation in activities. Lastly, friends in preparing a work program must pay attention to external and internal factors considering the time of the management period is only around 9 months therefore please maximize that time as best as possible" Mudarris' brother closed his remarks.

The work meeting activities take place while adhering to health protocols.

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