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Hybrid Technology Team PKM-PI FT UNM Effective "Zero" Kan Electricity Cost Burden Shrimp Farm Farmers in Pangkep

Carrying the slogan "Mitra Sejahtera, We Are Champions" Student Creativity Program Team (PKM) Application of Science and Technology (PI) Faculty of Engineering Makassar State University successfully applied Hybrid Solar cell technology and wind turbine whose control system is based on Android.

The five-member team includes Gusdin Shawal (Chairman) and Andi Ardilla, Muh. Arfan Amir, Muhammad Yusuf Gasang, M. Hafidz Ma'ruf Asis (Member) under the guidance of Companion Lecturer Andi Muhammad Taufik Ali, S.Pi., M.Pd.

The success is based on the results of monitoring conducted by the team to bpk farm farmer partners. Ince Mansyur from the Tumampua group of farmers in Boriappaka Village, Bungoro Subdistrict, Pangkep Regency.

With his typical dialeg bugis accent when interviewed said "upoji ladde.. makessi tool ta" which means "I like it very much.. Very good tools given" said Ince Mansyur (25/08/2021).

The results of the summary further, he revealed that the technology is very effective in reducing even to "Zero" Rupiah the burden of electricity costs that have been quite expensive during cultivation in shrimp ponds.

"After I use this tool, I don't buy any more noodles solar to turn on the generator set… So he can turn on lights, pumps, the same waterwheel (aerator)" said Bpk. Ince Mansyur (08/25/2021).

"In addition to monitoring the implementation of PKM PI conducted by the team, previously there were also online training and mentoring activities on the assembly, use, and maintenance of Hybrid technology tools provided. In addition, it has also been given a book using tools as a guide for petambak partners" said Gusdin Shawal.

"Hybrid technology is indeed designed based on the ability of the environment in the pangkep pond area, which has a fairly constant wind speed intensity and wide open area so it is very suitable to combine between wind turbines and solar cells to supply the electricity needs of farm farmers," explained the lecturer of the PKM PI Team who is familiarly called Andi Taufik.

Furthermore, the Lecturer of Automotive Engineering Education of FT UNM revealed that "In the future as a follow-up plan, this technology needs to be disseminated to other pond farmers groups so that the work of UNM students is more useful in the community and able to increase the income of the community evenly".

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