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Opening of the PLENARY SESSION OF LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021

LPM Reasoning UNM as an institution active in the field of research and organization conducted plenary sessions online using zoom forum communication media (September 10-12, 2021).

This Plenary Session is a half-term accountability hearing. This Plenary Session aims to discuss and evaluate the performance of the board during the half-management period. The theme of this time is "Revitalization and Progressivity of Institutions in the Pandemic Era".

The Plenary Session of LPM Reasoning UNM was opened at 14:30 WITA by Kakanda Dr. Mustari S Lamada, S.Pd., M.T as one of the Trustees of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021, and attended online by administrators, members and alumni. The opening went smoothly and enthusiastically from all elements of unm's Student Reasoning Research Institute.

The trustee of LPM Reasoning UNM stated that "Every Organizational Institution, will never be liked by everyone. However, give maximum effort from the management performance. Even in pandemic conditions like today, it should not be an obstacle to stewardship performance."

The composition of the daily board of LPM Reasoning UNM in 2021 consists of the Chairman, General Secretary, General Treasurer, Research and Development Division (R&D), Division of Education and Training (Diklat), Division of Public Relations (PUBLIC RELATIONS), and Division of Publishing and Literature (Pusbit).

The half-period accountability report is delivered through online communication media, namely zoom meetings.

Meanwhile, Nopri Hidayat as Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM said that "Hopefully this LPM Reasoning plenary session can be a forum to evaluate the performance of stewardship for half a period, as well as a forum for aspiration and advice, for institutional performance improvement".

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