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UNM Lecturer Trains Teachers-GUru Who Experience Difficulties Teaching Online

Teaching and learning online that is familiar in the wider community online learning is a new habit in the world of education.

Online learning for almost two years is felt by students, teachers and parents of students, not a few problems in this online learning process. Both in the city, more so in the area, this encourages Ichsan Ali, Bakti Prima andsuarlin to train teachers in using digital modules so that learning is more challenging and interesting for students.

The training was held in the teacher room of Muhammadiyah Malino High School on September 11, 2021. Very dynamic and interesting this activity, even many problems expressed by teachers during the online learning process was completed by the UNM devotion team, although the teachers still add question time and feel very brief.

Ichsan Ali said that the results of research and devotion conducted by UNM lecturers will be applied in the community so that they really feel the benefits by them.

Teachers along with the principal hope that the UNM team can come back to help teachers in carrying out online teaching obligations with various dynamics. And this is welcomed by beaconlin and Bakti prima that if it is possible please consult the teacher or principal gathers teachers and this team will return to training.

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