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Opening of Intensive Qur'anic Studies Science Odd Semester TA 2021/2022

Delivered to all Students (i) who program the Islamic Religious Education Subjects (Makassar Campus) to follow the Opening of intensive Qur'anic Study Program
(SAINS) as a companion / practice of Islamic Religious Education Subjects Odd Semester 2021/2022 which was carried out by the Sains implementation Agency and directly
coupled with the Qur'an reading test. God willing will be carried out on :
Day / Date : Sunday, September 19, 2021 Time :
08.00 Wita – Finished
Place : Zoom Application (link will be shared through the level chairman)

Under the following conditions:

  1. Wearing a neat and polite Muslim/Muslimah dress (prioritize white);
  2. Wearing songkok (for men);
  3. Wearing a hijab for women;
  4. Providing the Qur'an nearby;
  5. When joining in Zoom, participants turn the video on and off the microphone.
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