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Rector of UNM Receives VISIT of PBSI SULSEL

Receive a Visit from PBSI Sulsel, the Rector of UNM Will Release SPP UNM Students Who Won Medals at PON PAPUA 2021

Raktor Makassar State University (UNM) Prof. Husain Sham received a visit from the board of the All Indonesia Badminton Association (PBSI) Sulsel in the Rector's Room, Pinisi Tower Building. Tuesday (09/14/2021)

Pbsi Chairman Sulsel Devo Gaddafi said his intention and purpose to UNM to seek the Rector's approval to give permission to Karta Jayadi to be the manager who will accompany the Badminton Team Sulsel to appear at the National Sports Week (PON) XX Papua, 2 to 15 October 2021.

In addition, Devo also asked for prof. Husain who is also on the Advisory Board of PBSI Sulsel confirmed and released the Badminton Team of South Sulawesi to compete in PON XX Papua 2021.

"We want to ask for prof's permission. Pak Katra led the team, became a manager at PON Papua, we need extra ordinary people, in addition we ask for input, asking for time for team strengthening and team release."

Meanwhile, Prof. Husain said he gave permission to Karta Jayadi to be the manager to accompany the Badminton Team of South Sulawesi in PON Papua 20221.

Prof. Husain also advised that PBSI Sulsel finalize its preparations and evaluate the performance of athletes so that they can donate medals to South Sulawesi.

"We also before leaving for Papua really we have finalized the preparation of our team and evaluated the performance of our athletes, so that they can display their best game," he said.

In front of the Board of PBSI Sulsel, Husain Syam said UNM students who became athletes and received medals at PON Papua 2021 will be given a scholarship in the form of a free, free SPP until the student finishes at UNM.

"Especially athletes from UNM if he gets the SPP free medal until it is completed. All good children who achieve scholarships, we must appreciate so that they are motivated," he explained.

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