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Open Rakor PPG, Rector of UNM: Let's Take Care of the Formation of Professional Teachers

Unm's Professional Teacher Education Program (PPG) held a coordination meeting on preparation for implementation in the 2021 lV class position at Claro Hotel, Thursday (09/16/2021).

The event was attended by vice-chancellors, all lecturers and teachers. Rakor will last for two days, from September 16 to 17, 2021.

Head of PPG Program, Darmawang reported, the number of PPG students in the position of the Ministry of Education was 1101 people, spread across 14 fields of study. While the number

"The total ppg participants in both the ministry of education and ministry total 1101 participants," he said.

In the implementation of PPG this time will be accompanied by 192 lecturers and 96 teachers pamong.

Meanwhile, in his direction, the Rector of UNM, Prof. Husain Sham said, the accompanying lecturers and teachers pamong can carry out their duties well. He also asked to prepare well the evaluation process and model in order to be able to see the changes that have been given.

"Really I hope that the faculty and teacher's mother will be able to then how we have indicators or measuring instruments that after we provide material we can be sure, not just fulfill the obligations. But we make sure that there is a change from the process that we have given," he explained.

He also advised that the accompanying lecturers and teachers were able to perform their duties well to create professional teachers and maintain the quality and credibility of UNM as one of the best LPTK in Indonesia.

"My message is let's make sure, let's control the formation of professional teachers, this process we can control to show the credibility of our institution, so please friends can synergize and control this program," he hoped.

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