IKBIM UNM Successfully Holds a Decade-Long Peak Night

The Celebration of One Decade (10 years) of the Bidikmisi Student Family Association (IKBIM) of Makassar State University (UNM) was closed on Friday night. The evening of this summit event is the closing of a series of activities of One Decade IKBIM UNM which took place in the Extraordinary School Hall Building (SLB) 1 Makassar State, Friday June 25, 2021 at 19:30-Selesai.

This activity raises the theme "Realizing a Glorious and Innovative Golden Generation". The celebration of a Decade of IKBIM Makassar State University presents several entertainment including Percussion, Contemporary Dance, Cultural Fashion Show, Four Ethnic Dance and also Paduppa Dance attended by Founders, Board Demisioners, Bidikmisi Scholarship Recipients and KIP Lectures, Invited Guests from UNM Internal Institutions and Bidikmisi Se-Makassar Forum.

This Peak Night was lively by holding a tumpeng cutting as a form of symbol that the Bidikmisi Student Family Association of Makassar State University was sufficient ten years since its establishment.

This peak night event also held a nomination reading and had 4 categories announced, namely academic, organizational, alumni of the year, and the productive committee involving several bidikmisi and KIP college students and bidikmisi alumni.

This series of events, one of the members of the Organization Advisory Board (DPO), Nurhikmah congratulated bidikmisi and KIP College students.

"Congratulations on ten years of bidikmisi because it has become a scholarship that overshadows us, makes us as useful people and transmits all achievements that exist". Write it