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UNM Confirms 1000 Graduates Online and Offline

Makassar State University (UNM) again confirmed the new undergraduate graduation period of December 2020 Academic Year 2020/2021, in an Extraordinary Open Senate Meeting conducted online and offline. Thursday, (17/12/2020).

A total of 1,000 graduates and graduates spread from Diploma III (D3), Strata One (S1), Magister (S2) and Doctoral (S3) programs. The inauguration was led directly by the Rector of UNM Prof. Husain Sham.

Graduation events are held online and offline. Offline implementation is carried out in the pinisi tower theater room represented by the best graduates of each faculty.

The number of graduates from the post-graduate program was 188 people, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 72 people, the Faculty of Engineering 77 people, the Faculty of Sports Sciences 168 people, the Faculty of Education 93 people, the Faculty of Language and Literature 66 people, the Faculty of Social Sciences 105 people, the Faculty of Psychology 14 people, the Faculty of Arts and Design 28 people, the Faculty of Economics 189 people.

On that occasion, the Rector of UNM Prof. Husain Sham said the graduation at this period was the last graduation in 2020, he asserted that in the time of the UNM pandemic continued to carry out the academic process.

"We carry out ofline and online, this we do to maintain our health together, by complying with the health protocol, this is the last graduation in 2020, giving nuances of benefits even though in the midst of a pandemic we still encourage the academic process to be carried out," said Prof Husain.

Furthermore, Prof. Husain Sham appealed to graduates so that alumni step up to always carry the good name of UNM, by showing that UNM as a superior college.

"Finally, I appeal to graduates, if you step foot leaving this beloved campus, always lie the banner of alma mater, instill a sense of belonging and fertilizer the sense of pride as an alumni of UNM as a superior college," hopes Prof. Husain.

As for the best graduation graduates of each faculty and post-graduate program, namely, in the Doctoral Program achieved by Musdalifah Syamsul, with a GPA of 3.96, the Master Program was achieved by Andi Putri Mangkawani with a GPA of 4.00.

Meanwhile, in the undergraduate program, FMIPA was achieved by Muh. Habil Ahmad with a GPA of 3.88, Faculty of Engineering was achieved by Nurul Muharramah with a GPA of 3.96, FIK achieved by Muh. Jamil Abdillah with GPA 3, 88.

And, FIP was achieved by Fajri with a GPA of 3.98, FBS was achieved by Ade Yustina with a GPA of 3.91, FIS was achieved by Nurhidaya with a GPA of 3.88, the Faculty of Psychology was achieved by Huslina, with a GPA of 3.76, FSD was achieved by Khairunnisa with a GPA of 3.71, the Faculty of Economics was achieved by Nurul Dayana with a GPA of 3.88.

The graduation of the diploma program was achieved by Nurhimayrah Almuhaina with a GPA of 3.63 Akutansi Study Program. The fastest graduation was achieved by Fajri in the study period of 3 years and 6 months from the FIP Educational Technology study program.

With the confirmation of the graduation ceremony in September 2020 with 1,037 graduates to date UNM has had 131,999 alumni consisting of 123,784 graduates of education programs and 11,248 non-education graduates.

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