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Vice Rector 3 UNM Becomes Panelist on Lab Series Lab Series #Campus Tour TP FIP UNM

Students of the Fip UNM Educational Technology Study Program (TP) held a Lab Series Campus Playlist #Campus Tour entitled: Student Organizations in pandemic times, on Saturday, January 30, 2021, Live on YouTube TP FIP UNM.

Lab Series episode 3 of #Campus Tour at Campus Playlist Podcast presents 3 pabelis, namely Dr Sukardi Weda, who is also Vice Rector for Student Affairs of UNM, Presma BEM FIP UNM, and Chairman of LPM Reasoning UNM. The three sources were guided by Andriani, a student of TP FIP UNM, who was also the host of the enterprising.

The three panelists shared stories about student organizations in times of pandemics.

The first opportunity was given to Sukardi Veda, commenting on the question given by the host, about what is a student organization. Sukardi Weda who is also a former WD 3 FBS UNM elaborated clearly on Student Organizations (Ormawa) and SMEs, both for study level, department, faculty and university. Sukardi Veda also added that mshasiswa is an important element to lift the image or reputation of the university through a variety of activities in the field of reasoning, interests, and talents. Academic and student activities and services in the pandemic period, continue to run even though the UNM campus is in a state of lockdown to break the Covid-19 chain, he said. Student activities continue to run, some are carried out blended, namely combining offline and online, some are fully online, and offline. Activities carried out offline still adhere to health protocols (3M), namely wearing masks, washing hands, and maintaining distance or avoiding crowds.
In his presentation in response to the hosts and participants, Sukardi Weda also said that the main purpose of students coming to campus is to learn and that is the obligation of students, but do not forget the sunnah, which is to organize because by being active in the organization, can mature the ability to think, speak, and behave, he concluded. Leadership skills, time management, team building, decision/decision-making, and strategic steps to solve problems are obtained in organizations, both intra- and external organizations, he said.
Sukardi Veda also provides a formula in organizing, namely 5W + 1H (Why, What, When, Where, Who, and How).
Why or why, meaning why entering the organization, it is related to one's goals of organizing, both individual goals and common goals, such as realizing goals or collective goals, making someone disciplined and competitive, having a work ethic, building a team, managing time, and building a network. What or what does it mean what organization suits your interests and talents as well as future professional and career goals. When or when, it means when to organize, well now of course, in preparation to learn things. Where or where, it means where to organize, well of course in the campus, through various student organizations and SMEs in line with future talents and vision. Who or who, he means with whom we organize, well of course with people who have similar ideals or goals. How or how, means how to achieve organizational goals that have been formulated in the Plan or action plan. To achieve these goals, all the potential of the organization is maximized its role and function.

The host then gave Sukardi Vedic the opportunity, to deliver the closing ststement. Sukardi Veda, then said to all younger brothers, learned earnestly to be the future leader of this nation.

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