Pursuing International Accreditation, UNM Rector Encourages Revamping Campus Facilities

Rector of Makassar State University (UNM) Prof. Husain Sham continues to encourage that all Study Programs (Prodi) continue to improve so that they can make UNM ranked the best both Nationally and internationally.

Hartersee said he expressed when giving directions to worksop preparation of SAR and Finalization of International Accreditation Proposal Of Study Program Within the Scope of faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA) UNM.

"There is no history of UNM being able to try to dream of ranking well if this does not work on aspects of international accreditation, it is in our common interest to see UNM progress, in the framework of UNM better," he said.

In realizing this, he encouraged improvements in every study program, both in terms of presenting international facilities and the arrangement of campus buildings.

"Of all the tools or things that become the basic need to present an international study program," he said.

Husain sham also targets the development and procurement of facilities that are appointed, so as to realize UNM as an international campus.

"We organize our campus, we present facilities of international standard, so it is good to be seen in order to really spread services and comfort for anyone who blesses at UNM so that it becomes an international view of the campus," he added.

At worksop was also attended by vice rectors and deans, civitas in the scope of FMIPA UNM.