To UNM Graduates, Minister of Technology: Culture of Innovation becomes the Key to Advanced Indonesia

Minister of Research and Technology / Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro gave a scientific oration at Makassar State University (UNM) at the Graduation ceremony in April 2021 academic year 2020/2021, in an extraordinary open senate meeting at pinisi building. Saturday, (04/10/2021).

At the graduation event this time held two days, April 9-10 which is divided into 4 sessions in full offline. Yesterday Friday 9 April has been held 2 morning sessions starting at 08:00, and noon at 14:00. Then on this day Saturday 10 April is held at the same hour.

to the graduates in their oration, Prof. Bambang to enter the momentum in 2045 is the momentum of Indonesia gold, towards the ideals of innovation culture is the key so that Indonesia can become a developed country.

He gave the example of South Korea and some developed countries, as one of the many countries that managed to get out of the middle income trap by making innovation.

"Looking at the experience of some countries that can escape these conditions, such as South Korea, the development of a culture of innovation to be the key to being able to become a developed country," bambang said.

Therefore, continued Prof. Bambang, the key to success towards gold indonesia is a change in mindset, from a natural resource-based economy, to an innovation-based economy.

"The key to success if we study developed countries is innovation, innovation-based economics, in other words we must change our mindset from a natural resource-based economy to an innovation-based economy."

Meanwhile, rector of UNM Prof. Husain Sham, said the new policy was taken as a tribute to the graduates by presenting graduates at the location of the activity, of course by complying with health protocols that apply in the midst of a pandemic.

"This is a special thing because this graduation, attended by the Minister of Technology, can give direction and motivation to all of us especially to the scholars we just confirmed today," he said.

On this day, in this third session, the graduation of the Faculty of Economics as many as 51 people and the Faculty of Education 103 people, the Faculty of Engineering 102 people, and in session four of the Faculty of Sports Sciences 101 people, the Faculty of Language and Literature 159 people.

The best and fastest graduates of undergraduate programs, in april 2021, namely:

Dhea Ayu Rossyana Dewi with a GPA of 3.84 from the Mathematics Study Program of the Faculty of MIPA and the fastest graduate was achieved by Andi Herdinawaty Heril in a study period of 3 years and 4 months from the Sports Study Program of the Faculty of Sports Sciences.