Professional Teachers Towards Advanced Indonesia, Hopes of UNM Rector When Opening PPG Rakor

The Teacher Professional Education Program (PPG) held a Coordination Meeting on Preparation for Implementation in the 2021 lI Force Department, at Claro Hotel, Wednesday (06/24/2021)

The event was attended by vice-chancellors, all lecturers and teachers, which will last 3 days, 24 to 26 June 2021.

Head of PPG Darmawang Program reported that, the purpose of the activity is to identify the problems that are known in the implementation of online learning at the stage of deepening professional and pedagogical materials, as well as the design of the development of learning devices carried out online.

Meanwhile, in his direction the Rector of UNM Prof. Husain Sham said the activities are really able to provide awareness for the executors of the task both lecturers and all elements involved in the PPG program in carrying out their duties well.

"This activity becomes very important for us to provide the same understanding, especially tutor lecturers and teachers, lecturers and teachers we have selected well, because this task is a very important task to control this PPG," he said.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the responsibility of ppg can be carried out properly, so as to be able to cheat professional teachers who are the vanguard in the progress of the nation.

"We want peroesional teachers, teachers who are really the vanguard, who we believe that one point later Indonesia will have teachers that we can do to advance this nation, the results are not today but the next few years we will see results in advancing this nation," he said.