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Bidikmisi UNM Student Family Bond Again shares through IKBIM Serving Program

Bidikmisi Student Family Association IKBIM Makassar State University UNM will hold humanitarian activities name of its activities is IKBIM Serving by The Field of Public Relations.

This time the devotional activities will be held in Pujananting village, Subdistrict, Pujananting, Barru Regency, South Sulawesi Province. This activity will last for one week on December 21-27, 2020.

This IKBIM Serving program offers 4 work programs that will be realized. The four programs are Pekraf (Creative Economy Training), Short Educatioan, Home of Inspiration, and Healthy Cheerful.

This activity aims to provide training in the area as well as increase the learning spirit of children in the village. Help increase natural resources by making these natural resources into the form of products so that they can compete in the market.

Sadriah as Chairman of the Committee said that IKBIM's activities are a form of student service to the community and as a form of action to utilize the knowledge that has been received.

"We as Bidikmisi and KIP College students want to benefit from the knowledge we have received to the community through this IKBIM Melayani program"

A very big hope is also set for this activity to be successful and provide benefits.

"Hopefully this activity succeeds in accordance with the expected concept and gets a positive response from the community in Pujananting village" said Akmal Fajar as Chairman of IKBIM UNM Period 2020/2021.

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