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UNM Held a Workshop on Improving The Management of Nationally Accredited Scientific Journals and DOAJ Indexation

In encouraging the Improvement of The Management of Scientific Journals in the scope of Makassar State University (UNM), the Center for Publication and IPR of research and community service institute (LP2M) UNM held a workshop on improving the quality of management of nationally accredited scientific journals on Saturday, June 05, 2021 online and attended by 57 participants from various journal managers. (05/06/2021).

Workshop on Improving Journal Management was opened directly by the Chairman of LP2M UNM Prof. Dr.. Bakhrani Rauf MT was accompanied by the Head of Publication Center & HKI LP2M Amrullah, M.Ed.P.hD as the person in charge of the implementation of the activities.

"The Chairman of LP2M UNM expects this activity to be a forum for science and motivate managers to produce good quality articles and journals, marked by the number of accredited and indexed journals in national and international indexes". Said Prof. Bakhrani Rauf in his speech (05/06/2021)

The implementation of the activity was divided into three sessions with sources who are highly competent in the field of journal management and publication, namely Amirullah, M.Ed., Ph.D with Scopus International Journal Index material as chairman of the Center for Publication & HKI UNM, Andi Anto Patak, M.Pd.Ph.D with how the editor sees good articles. Then continued the second session with the source Dr. bakhtiar, S.Pd. M.Pd material Preparing the creation of a new journal and Yusri S.Pd.M.Pd with Scientific Journal Publishing Management material, continued session III after Ba'da duhur with the source Dr. Ramlan Mahmud, M,Pd material Preparation for accreditation and reaccreditation of scientific journals and Muh Ilham bakhtiar, S.Pd.M.Pd with matei Indexation Journal in DOAJ.

"One of the indicators of PT rating is seen from the number of accredited journals in Higher Education, until now UNM has only had 37 accredited journals, 1 indexed Scopus and 1 indexed WoS", said Amirullah, M.Ed.Ph.D in his sing (05/06/2021).

On that occasion, Amirullah expected managers to look for articles, editors and reviewers from various PT and various countries to be material in increasing journal accreditation and internationalizing journals in the scope of UNM.

"It is expected that the existing journal we encourage to be managed with international journal standards, can be started with the name of the journal and articles published in Indonesia. In addition, efforts are made by building learning and cooperation from various PT both in Indonesia and from abroad" he explained. (05/06/2021).

To be accredited, a journal must meet the age of 2 years and have an e-ISSN then meets 8 components of accreditation assessment, namely ranging from naming, Institutional publisher, Editorial and management of Journal, Article Substance, Writing Style, Appearance, Scaling and Dissemination.

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